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Meriden Humane Society: Emergency Medical Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

Manny was left on our doorstep in terrible condition. Immediately after we found him and a did quick scan of his physical shape, we brought him to our vet for a full examination. Ten days after that full exam, Manny received the following services:

Ear ablation (ear with tumor)
Mass removed near testicle
Pathology report: ear tumor tested benign; scrotum mass tested malignant
8 teeth removed
Echocardiogram for detected heart murmur

After all procedures, his total vet care exceeded $3,000.

This grant was applied towards the $3,000 in veterinary expenses needed to treat the variety of medical issues Manny was facing.

How many pets did this grant help?

One: Manny

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On the morning of Oct. 10, 2020, we found this lovely little guy named Manny at our door. Manny’s owners had left a note saying they could not afford to care for him and knew he deserved more. We rushed Manny to our vet, who quickly determined that Manny had very bad teeth and a tumor that went deep into his ear and connected multiple places down into the ear canal.

Needless to say, Manny required a lot of medical attention before we could find him a home. We worked to find a specialist who would advise us on the ear tumor, and ensured he got the dental work he needed and was neutered and fully vaccinated. Along the way, Manny was diagnosed with a malignant scrotum mass, although we learned that the tumors in his ears were benign.

All during his recovery, Manny spent his days in foster care to ensure he had as comfortable and safe an environment as possible in which to heal and regain his strength.

We are happy to report that Manny was officially adopted by his foster family right before Christmas 2020 and continues to live an amazingly happy, spoiled (and well-deserved) life with his incredible forever family. Manny’s story is one of true success and illustrates the power of dedication, love, and perseverance.

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