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Labs4rescue: Sponsor a Pet Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

To defray the cost of vet care. Our dogs are examined by a licensed vet, surgically sterilized, immunized, microchipped, tested and treated for intestinal parasites and heartworm.

Helped to defray some of the costs of Sage's pre-adoption vet care, which were extensive, as indicated in her story below.

How many pets did this grant help?


Please provide a story of one or more specific pets this grant helped.

Here’s what Sage’s rescuer wrote when we posted Sage for adoption on Petfinder: Meet Sage, a sweet 2-3-year-old, 55-lb. yellow Lab mix. Sage was found last summer with a litter of puppies and in terrible shape. When someone asked if I could take her when her puppies were weaned, there was no way I could turn her away! Since last summer, Sage has gained weight, been cured of heartworms, and had much-needed eye surgery to remove her left eye, which had been damaged due to some sort of trauma.

The most remarkable change in Sage, though, has been in her spirit. When Sage arrived, she was so afraid of being mistreated. It was obvious that she wanted love but was not used to getting it and, while heartbreaking at first, it has been amazing to witness Sage’’s transformation! She immediately took to my dogs, even the small, sometimes-snarly one! She very quickly realized that we were not to be feared, and over the months has learned that she doesn’t need to be nervous around guests, either.

Sage is a darling, gentle, affectionate, happy, and healthy girl! She loves hanging out with us, chewing on her Nylabone, and romping with her doggy siblings in the backyard. Sage ignores my cats and is great with my 7-year-old daughter. She has perfect house manners— — she has never had an accident or even attempted to get on the furniture — —and is crate trained. She does get excited when she plays outside so she would probably not be the best fit for a home with very small kids, but it is so much fun to see Sage’’s joy when she runs! Sage rides well in the car, but is nervous to get in. We have to lift her in and, though she really is fine, you can tell that she does not enjoy car rides. Sage is my buddy and, if I could, I would keep her forever. Sage deserves her own home with a person or family to treat her well, love her for who she is, and spoil her rotten!

Sage’s new family found her on Petfinder.

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