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Longmont Humane Society: Emergency Medical Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

Stray cat Red was brought to Longmont Humane Society after being hit by a car. Because Red’s injuries were significant, emergency care and surgery were administered that same day. Red was hospitalized and held by the shelter for a mandatory five-day stray-hold period, after which she was nursed to recovery in a medical foster home. Her injuries included a broken lower jaw, lacerations to her face and right hind area, and a hemorrhage to her right eye area. Red was pregnant and had no collar or identification, and no known owner. Emergency grant funds were used to care for Red.

Funds granted by the Petfinder Foundation helped save Red’s life and were used as follows:
1) Assessment of injuries (initial exam and radiographs) - $140
2) Emergency surgery to repair jaw and lacerations - $120
3) Medications - $117.67
4) Hospitalization/shelter care - $100
5) Feline leukemia/FIV testing - $12.99
6) Medical foster care - $345
7) Three recheck exams during healing - $67.50
8) Surgery to remove wire from healed jaw and extract broken tooth - $50
TOTAL: $953.16

How many pets did this grant help?

This grant helped save the life of one very special cat, Red.

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Red was brought to Longmont Humane Society on March 31, 2017, after being hit by a car the night before. The damage to her face was significant. Our veterinary team went to work repairing Red’s jaw and giving her the best possible chance at a full life in an adoptive home. Red went to a loving foster home to heal and get the care she needed. Nearly a month later, the wire that held her jaw together was removed and she was soon ready for adoption. Red, now called Lexus, was quickly adopted. Her adopter declared Lexus her “soul kitty” and is so proud of the care she received and her resilient spirit.

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