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All Aboard Animal Rescue: Emergency Medical Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

We used the Emergency Medical Grant money to treat and save two rescue puppies who came in with distemper. The first puppy was Snickers, a 3-month-old Plott hound mix, who came in with a runny nose, goopy eyes, and a myoclonic twitch. She was very sick and spent more than two weeks in our veterinary hospital. She was just cleared last Tuesday, July 5. She is now in the clear and should live a long, happy life. The second dog, Tango, a 6-month-old husky mix, also came in with an upper-respiratory infection and a twitch. His twitch was so bad that he was biting his tongue and could not eat or drink easily. Both dogs underwent a lot of treatment but are now happy and healthy!

This grant helped cover a large portion of the medical costs for these two sick puppies. We would have run a fundraiser or asked for donations to keep them alive, but this allowed us to just treat them without having to worry about the costs associated with their care. This grant allowed us to treat the puppies immediately and get them the best care possible. We cannot thank you enough for helping us save these sweet pups. They have now found their forever homes and will live happy, healthy lives since they received the treatment they needed to save them.

How many pets did this grant help?


Please provide a story of one or more specific pets this grant helped.

Snickers is a very sweet 3-month-old Plott hound mix. She was very sick in the shelter she came from down in Texas. They treated her for over a month for an upper-respiratory infection. She was finally cleared to travel to Colorado so that we could get her into a good home and out of danger of being euthanized. When she came in, her eyes were full of green boogers, her nose was runny and she had a very distinct twitch on the upper left side of her face. We immediately got her to our vet, where he diagnosed her with distemper. She fought hard over the next two weeks as we treated her and did everything we could to help save her.

After two weeks, she was doing much better and we decided that she would do better in a home environment to continue her healing. She went to live with a nice woman and man — the man was disabled and confined to a wheelchair — and a big 7-year-old Plott hound sister, Folly. She loved riding on her foster dad’s lap as he zoomed around in his wheelchair. She was content to just lie on her blanket on his lap and go with him everywhere. Her sister Folly also started teaching her how to be a dog and about good things like toys and sticks and rolling in the grass. Snickers has continued to improve and has been cleared from the disease. Her foster family decided to adopt her since she fit in so well and she is now living happily with them. She has almost doubled in size since getting healthy again and is now running and playing like a normal pup. She loves her new family and was so thankful that she was given a second chance at life!

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