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National Mill Dog Rescue: Shelter+ Challenge Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

The Shelter Challenge Grant was used to provide veterinary care for newly rescued puppy mill dogs. National Mill Dog Rescue (NMDR) has saved over 8,000 dogs since we were founded in 2007, and each month we rescue approximately 80-100 dogs. Our biggest expense is for veterinary care, and the generous grant you awarded NMDR helped provide this intervention for dogs who needed such care that were rescued in mid-2013. The dogs were spayed or neutered, received all vaccinations, and were treated for parasites, infection, and dental problems. We are a no-kill shelter and are committed to providing all dogs with the veterinary care, nurturing, and socialization they so desperately need. Your support helped with these veterinary expenses for the newly rescued dogs and gave them a good start to their new lives.

All rescued dogs, upon arrival at the NMDR kennel, undergo a comprehensive intake process during which they are vet checked and treated for disease, injury, dental problems, parasites, and other health-related conditions. One of the dogs rescued on this trip, Leroy, received this veterinary care and his story and photos are shared within this report. Your generous support helped to cover some of the veterinary costs needed to care for the group of dogs rescued along with Leroy. The dogs arrived at the NMDR kennel with severely matted hair, ticks and fleas, and were malnourished and very fearful. It has been inspiring to watch their transformation from the first day of arrival (when they received basic veterinary care and grooming), to their days at the kennel where they always had plenty of food to eat and received daily socialization from caring volunteers, to the time when they realized that they were in a safe and loving place and began to trust again! The resilience and love these dogs demonstrate is incredible, and your generous financial support helps to make that transformation possible.

How many pets did this grant help?

Your grant helped to covering the basic veterinary costs associated with the intake of this rescue in July, 2013. The rescue involved 77 dogs who arrived with a variety of conditions. While costs vary per dog, the basic veterinary care provided at intake can run from $100-200 per dog.

Please provide a story of one or more specific pets this grant helped.

One of the dogs rescued on this trip is Leroy, age two. After being rescued from a mill in Missouri where he lived in filthy conditions, Leroy arrived at NMDR. Volunteers found that he was infested with fleas and ticks; in fact, they pulled 28 ticks off of Leroy that first day. Much of the scarring you can see in the photos is from flea and tick bites that had been left untreated at the puppy mill. Leroy also had a bad ear infection and needed surgery on one eye due to past ulcerations. NMDR treated the flea and tick infestation, cleaned and groomed him, and he spent his first days in a safe, warm kennel with a raised bed, plenty of food, and caring attention from volunteers. Leroy was then placed with a foster family where he is learning to trust and loving the attention and care he is receiving. The last photo in the series attached shows Leroy enjoying some time on the deck with his foster-siblings! Leroy is now awaiting his forever home. We thank you so much for the generous support that makes stories like Leroy’s possible.

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