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National Mill Dog Rescue: Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

The money covered the costs of 20 dogs' entry into freedom. From the time they arrived in November to the time they were adopted to new homes, these dogs received loving daily care and veterinary services averaging $250 per dog. The daily care was provided at our wonderful, large kennel facility in Peyton, Colo., by a host of volunteers. Veterinary care was provided at our on-site clinic by our staff of highly qualified veterinarians and technicians. Each dog we rescue receives spay/neuter surgery, heartworm testing, deworming, microchipping, extensive dental surgery due to years of neglect and poor food at the mills, treatment for parasite infestation, which is normal at the mills, treatment for eye and ear infections and injuries, as needed, removal of mammary tumors.

In addition to the in-house care, we spend an average of $9,000 a month for veterinary care at outside clinics for those dogs that require specialized treatment or surgery.

This grant helped prepare 20 dogs for life as a family pet, after years of living life as a breeding machine in a puppy mill. It helped not only with the daily care and veterinary care described above, but helped facilitate their adoption to new homes through our paid-staff adoptions coordinator and it helped support our website, where available dogs and our adoption application are accessed.

How many pets did this grant help?


Please provide a story of one or more specific pets this grant helped.

Journey is the ideal new name for a 2-year-old Havanese we called Captain when we rescued him in November, because his new people traveled through many states looking for him and they’ll be traveling through many more with him on board their RV! Having lost their Westie in December, this compassionate couple realized that they couldn’t be in a home — or an RV — without a dog. Their search for the right puppy included trips from Colorado to New Mexico and Arizona. But when they saw Journey’s picture on the National Mill Dog Rescue website, they headed straight for our Peyton, Colo., kennel.

In a recent conversation, Journey’s new mom says the little guy is adjusting very well, is learning about potty training, is eating with enthusiasm and is a “joy to us.” Described as loving, playful, attentive, inquisitive and alert, Journey has found two dedicated, loving parents. What’s more, when he’s not on the road, Journey will be enjoying his home and lots of open space on 7 acres.

Having had experience with their Westie, also a puppy-mill survivor, Journey’s mom and dad are committed to providing as perfect a home as possible for their new addition. As his mom says: “Journey is in our life forever.”

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