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National Mill Dog Rescue: Senior Pet Adoption Assistance Grant Report

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We've included in Murdock's profile on our website and on the information that the Petfinder Foundation will cover medication and medical-care costs. We moved him from the shelter into a foster home, where he is making some progress, but still can't be touched due to his years in the puppy mill.

Anyone who is interested enough to find him on our or Petfinder's website will see this:

"Please read this sweet boy's story below. We are excited to tell you that, because of his health challenges, certain fees related to Murdock's adoption, medications, and future veterinary care have been covered by a grant from the Petfinder Foundation."

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Here is what his foster caregiver says: “Murdock is such a sweet boy. He’s always happy and wagging his tail. He loves my dogs, big and small. He is food-motivated, but still is not sure of me. He loves to be near me but won’t let me touch him. I see a little progress every day, just taking things slowly. He’s about 80% housetrained. He definitely needs to be in a home with other dogs, as he is very social and learns so much from them about how to be a dog in a home.“

Murdock has not been adopted. However, our Behavior and Training Manager is visiting the foster home to provide confidence-building techniques. The foster caregiver has years of experience with our dogs.

You can meet Murdock here.

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