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The Gabriel Foundation: Senior Pet Adoption Assistance Grant Report

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This grant removed the financial barrier to Murray, a nanday conure, finding his perfect home. He was adopted today by his new family, Melanie and Dan!

Finding homes for senior birds can be difficult, as not every adopter is willing to welcome a bird into their heart whom they may only have with them for a few more years. However, this grant encouraged a wonderful couple to adopt Murray, meaning that his retirement will be full of love and special attention in his new home! This grant covered his adoption fee and the price of a generously sized cage for him!

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Today, Oct. 18, 2023, Murray, an 18-year-old nanday conure, headed home with adopters Melanie and Dan.

They first met Murray when they attended a tour of our facility. He caught their eye from the moment they first saw him, and from then on they were smitten.

They applied to adopt him and visited with him over a few weeks, slowly building their trust relationship with him before taking him home.

They quickly decked his new cage out with enrichment opportunities, which we are very excited for him to enjoy once he arrives home. We are delighted that the evening of Murray’s life will be filled with individual attention, compassion, and excellent cuddle sessions with Melanie and Dan!

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