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Santa Ynez Valley Humane Society: Cat Chow Building Better Lives Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

The Cat Chow Building Better Lives Grant was used to discount adoptions on cats that had been looking for homes for longer than 30 days. The money was specifically used to help with routine medical care and daily sheltering that is normally covered by the adoption fee.

The Cat Chow grant helped our organization by significantly increasing the number of adoptions we had, specifically adoptions of harder-to-place cats. From December through March, we found homes for 26 cats. In the same period the prior year, we found homes for 13 cats, so the grant effectively doubled our adoptions. In addition, we made friends with community members who may be back to adopt in the future or donate to keep the adoptions increasing!

How many pets did this grant help?


Please provide a story of one or more specific pets this grant helped.

Every spring we start to get reports of litters of kittens that need homes — in our county shelter, in our neighbors’ backyards, and rescued by dedicated groups of volunteers from barns and farms. Catalyst for Cats and ResQcats have always been dear friends of ours, and this year was no different. During the summer, Catalyst for Cats rescued two very sick kittens and a fantastic foster family nursed them back to health. They had calicivirus, a nasty cold that can be treated, but the kitten can remain a carrier for the rest of his life. Catalyst for Cats reached out to our humane society to help place the kittens, as we frequently do. Tim and Tami (first photo) arrived healthy, active, and sweet as can be. However, we had to find a special home that would keep them indoors all the time and away from unvaccinated cats. The challenge was on. With help from the Petfinder Cat Chow Building Better Lives Grant, a fantastic couple finally fell in love. Without our community of cat lovers, Tim and Tami would never have the happy ending they are now enjoying. We could not continue to save lives without your partnership.

Rose (second photo) was a beautiful flower who was quite misunderstood. She was born at our shelter in 2009, adopted to a family, and returned shortly before her first birthday for biting when overstimulated. She lived in our community cat room until she started several scuffles and was kicked out to live in the clinic. There she lived for several years until our staff decided to take a second chance on her. We brought her into the cat room, and although she sprayed and sometimes hissed, she remained content and was actually able to be shown for adoption. We weren’t sure if Rose’s forever home was with the Humane Society, but we kept the faith that someone would see past her thorns and take her home. Morgan did just that. She contacted us looking for a cat that might need some extra help. Morgan grew up with cats, but has worked at a dog-only shelter since college and hasn’t had much experience, but wanted to help. Rose went home and we crossed our fingers, and she bloomed. Rose loves sitting at Morgan’s boyfriend’s feet while he cooks and does chores, and enjoys sunning herself in the backyard. She is truly one lucky kitty thanks to Cat Chow Building Better Lives!

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