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Beagle Freedom Project: Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

Reduced adoption fees for rescued animals in need

This grant has helped to significantly increase our recent adoptions through a reduction of our standard adoption fee for dogs and cats. In total, our goal is to help 20 former victims of animal cruelty with the funds awarded to find loving, forever homes for our rescues. So far we have we applied the grant towards seven deserving animal survivors -- Ringo, Bennie, Trooper, Rae, Rufus, Tia, and Scout -- who were all rescued from animal testing, abandonment, high[-intake] shelters and/or the dog-meat trade.

How many pets did this grant help?

Currently seven, with the aim to help 20 animals in need total

Please provide a story of one or more specific pets this grant helped.

Rufus (first photo) was rescued from animal testing, where he spent the first year and a half of his life in a U.S. laboratory. Since Rufus was a larger hound, it took a little while for him to be adopted. However, with a little patience, we found Rufus the perfect home — and it could not be a more of a beautiful fit. Rufus lives with another female hound who has taken him under her wing. They snuggle, walk, and play together. Honestly, they never want to be separate!

Scout (second photo) was rescued from a lab, where he was used for testing for the first year of his life. Scout was adopted by a family with two young daughters, and since he is the only dog, he loves getting all the attention and pets. Scout now enjoys his days playing outside, going for long walks, socializing with other dogs in the neighborhood, and occasionally barking at the squirrels outside on the lawn. His favorite activity is to go long hikes with his new family in the forests surrounding his new home and getting pampered with love as the only hound dog.

Rae (third photo) was rescued from the South Korean meat trade. She went to a foster home right away that fell in love with her and immediately wanted to keep her forever. Rae now has another Dachshund sibling whom she loves very much. She has adjusted to home life amazingly well after all the trauma she has endured. Rae has really warmed up to people and learned to trust humans again. She was so fearful and shy of people when we first rescued her. Now, she allows pretty much anyone hold her!

Bennie (fourth photo) was rescued nearly one year ago from the streets of China. He was unable to use his hind legs, incontinent, and unable to hold himself up or walk. We knew it would take a highly dedicated, experienced, and committed adopter to open their home to Bennie. Bennie found his forever home just last month. An incredible family in Wisconsin who design, create, and build wheels for paraplegic dogs adopted Bennie, giving him everything he needs to thrive. We knew it was a match made in heaven, as Bennie’s new family previously had a paraplegic black Lab named Gunnar who was almost the spitting image of Bennie. They had named their company Gunnar’s Wheels. We are so absolutely thrilled for Bennie, as we know he is the best and most loving, capable home now!

Ringo (fifth photo) is an animal-testing and shelter survivor. He lives in Austin, Texas, with his family, who live right next to a dog park. So now one of Ringo’s favorite activities is to play at the park with the local neighbor pups. He is very curious about squirrels and acts playful around them. He is really thriving in his new home and his adopter, Sam, absolutely adores him. Not to mention he’s an only dog so he is spoiled -– and he deserves it!

Trooper (sixth photo) was rescued from South Korea. She was found on her own in a broken plywood shed. Although her story is pretty uncertain, she was at high risk of being butchered for the dog-meat trade. Luckily, we were able to rescue her and transport Trooper to the U.S., where she was adopted by a couple who live near the beach. Now, she is living her absolute best life! She continues to grow, as she is still a puppy, and her adopters say she is a total character. She has her own way of doing things and she is very stubborn when it comes to her training. But she is learning. Trooper definitely loves being the only dog and getting her way -– well, most of the time!

Tequila, nicknamed Tia (seventh photo), has settled right into her home like the princess that she is! Tia was rescued from animal testing after being sold to the lab by Class B traders from a shelter in Mexico. It wasn’t long before Tia was in foster home and her family adopted her. She is currently learning new commands quickly (the treats definitely help!) and never leaves her mom’s side.