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Animal Rescue of Tracy: Emergency Medical Grant Report

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This grant allowed Animal Rescue of Tracy to provided the necessary care to save Oreo's life. The total cost of her care exceeded $4,000, an amount that is extraordinary for our small rescue to handle, but because of the Emergency Medical Grant and generous donors, we did not have to question whether or not we could save this deserving little mama. At 2-3 years old, she deserves a long life filled with love, as do her four puppies -- all of whom have found their forever homes.

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Oreo was abandoned and pregnant when she was found by good Samaritans running in traffic on a busy roadway. Though they posted her on a variety of social media sites and went door-to-door, no one claimed her.

Shortly after being found, she delivered four healthy puppies (first photo), but on the fourth day after delivery, she became ill with sepsis. She required emergency surgery to save her life after a non-viable fifth puppy was found in her uterus.

After months of recovery and setbacks while trying to nurse the puppies, Oreo and all her puppies were adopted on March 4, 2023. They are all healthy and happy and living their well-deserved good lives.

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