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Animal Rescue of Tracy: Emergency Medical Grant Report

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Medical expenses: leg amputation due to severe injury

Cherry Darling's injury was unexpected and expensive, so this grant allowed us to provide the medically necessary care (amputation) to give this amazing and sweet kitten a future.

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Cherry Darling was found in the yard of a good Samaritan with a very badly injured back left leg and trouble breathing. She was taken to Jules Veterinary Center, where she was surrendered when it was apparent the good Samaritan couldn’t afford the level of care Cherry Darling needed.

Animal Rescue of Tracy stepped in and took ownership of Cherry Darling. At first it was thought that her leg was broken, but after radiographs it was determined the bone was not broken, but that there was significant soft-tissue damage. Though Dr. Valdez, the lead veterinarian, tried to save the leg, she determined there was too little soft tissue left to repair and the infection was too deep into what was left. Therefore, the best option was to amputate the leg. Cherry Darling was hospitalized for four days and then put on crate rest and medication for pain and inflammation as she recovers.

Cherry Darling is named after a character in the movie Planet Terror: the leader of a ragtag group of survivors of the zombie apocalypse who lost her leg during a battle, but continues to fight to survive. This kitten has fought against the odds to survive already and we just know that it is the best name for her.

Cherry Darling’s injured leg was not able to be saved, so it was amputated. With the love and care of her foster family and veterinary personnel, she made a full recovery and learned to function successfully as a tripod. She has since been adopted.

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