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Napa Bunnies: Emergency Medical Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

The funds were used to cover the medical expenses for a baby rabbit who was surrendered to our organization suffering from severe malocclusion. After an initial assessment and incisor trim by our veterinarian, we decided to extract the rabbit's incisors to give him the best chance at a normal life.

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Wally was one of two babies from an unwanted litter who was born with a misaligned jaw, so it was impossible for his incisors to properly wear down. He was surrendered to us when he was only nine weeks old and no longer able to eat on his own because his lower incisors had grown up to his nose and the upper had curved inside of his mouth.

We immediately took him to our veterinarian and had his incisors trimmed so he could eat again. Over a timeframe of only six weeks, we had to perform three more dental trims while we were working on getting him healthy enough for his big dental surgery to extract the incisors completely.

Wally’s recovery was swift, and he adapted in no time, with only minor dietary adjustments, to the lack of incisors. He found his forever home just a few weeks later as a friend to two other rabbits, Pebbles and Coco.

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