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BnB Rescue: Emergency Medical Grant Report

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BnB Rescue would like to thank the Petfinder Foundation for its very generous Emergency Medical Grant to help with Parker's ulnar-shortening osteotomy! We are a tiny rescue and, without resources such as this, we are not able to help pets in need. Parker's medical bills were over $2,500, and this grant made it possible for us to get Parker the surgery he needed.

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Parker was dumped in a parking lot in Oklahoma last September and hit by a car, which broke the radius and ulna in his right front let. A veterinarian set Parker’s leg and reached out to BnB Rescue to find him a home.

After Parker’s cast was removed, it was discovered that his radius had stopped growing due to the accident and an ulnar-shortening osteotomy would be necessary to relieve his pain. The surgery was done, but Parker will need additional revisionary surgery in the future. Until then, he is still in foster care with BnB Rescue.

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