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PAWS4thought Animal Rescue: Senior Pet Adoption Assistance Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

A large portion of the money was used to purchase a year's supply of arthritis medication for Chase. We also bought him a raised dog bed so that he doesn't have to lie on the ground. We also purchased a bag of senior dog food especially for him. We will be waiving Chase's adoption fee ($250) once we find him his furever home.
Medication - $546.46
Adoption fee to be waived - $250
Raised dog bed- $20
Senior food - $29.15 (on sale)
TOTAL - 845.61

The grant helped our organization because we were able to provide the best possible care for a truly amazing miracle dog. It also has helped us afford some of the little things that we normally wouldn't spend the money on, like senior food or the raised dog bed. Chase has benefited greatly from the Deramaxx arthritis medication. He had a very hard time getting up and moving at first. Now he runs and chases the birds and wrestles with his buddy, Lalo. Other dogs will benefit because the money provided by the Petfinder Foundation for Chase will allow our funds to go further and help more dogs, from puppies to seniors. Thank you, Petfinder Foundation!

How many pets did this grant help?


Please provide a story of one or more specific pets this grant helped.

Chase, one of our senior pets, was rescued from a pile of trash along with his friend, Lalo (first photo). Both dogs were hairless, suffering from mange, and had oozing wounds (second photo). Chase didn’t have any teeth, and part of his jaw seemed to be missing (third photo). After months of rehab, his hair finally began to grow back. We were very surprised to see that he was a chow chow! Chase has now been in foster care for almost a year. He is happy and healthy now. He loves to chase the birds and lie in the sun on his raised bed. He is able to do so because of the Deramaxx medication he has received to help his old bones. Chase also now loves to go for walks. But what Chase loves the most is affection. Unfortunately, Chase has not found his furever home yet. We are sure that the perfect family is out there and we hope to find them soon.
Meet Chase:
Meet Lalo:

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