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Live Love Animal Rescue: Senior Pet Adoption Assistance Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

To provide Johnny’s adoptive family with support for his ongoing heart medication and future medical care so that his family can focus on giving Johnny love. By offering this support, financial concerns can be taken off the table when a family is considering adopting Johnny.

We strive to be a resource for our local community and shelter and rescue dogs who have urgent medical needs, are senior, or both. Johnny is one such case. Since he was found as a very sick stray with a baseball-sized tumor in his rear, we knew that the shelter would not have the resources to care for him. Our community came together to help this very sweet old man get the surgeries that he needed. He captured a huge social media following; however, when potential adopters learned about his ongoing medical needs, many were dissuaded. The Petfinder Foundation Senior Pet Adoption Assistance Grant allowed us to take these concerns off the table and allowed us to match Johnny with a wonderful mom, who has specialized in adopting and caring for senior dogs and is a senior woman herself. We are thrilled that Johnny will have the very best home, be able to be spoiled and loved by his mom, and provide his mom the best type of companionship in her golden years. We could not have made this wonderful match without the help of the Petfinder Foundation Senior Pet Adoption Assistance Grant.

How many pets did this grant help?


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Johnny was found as a stray in Long Beach. He was starving and had a prominent, baseball-sized tumor in his rear. Despite being so sick, he was playful, friendly and amazing with kids. In partnership with our vet, we were able to help Johnny heal via mass-removal, bladder-stone removal and neuter surgeries. He would need ongoing chronic medications for his heart condition and close monitoring of his health, but he was ready for a forever home. Johnny’s adorable face and gentle nature with kids and dogs made him a social-media star and he was loved everywhere he went. We had many inquiries for adoption, but when discussing his future health needs, we found them to be a roadblock for some families. By being able to offer the Petfinder Foundation Senior Pet Adoption Assistance Grant, we found that many families felt that they could set aside concerns for financial costs and focus on making sure that their home was the right fit for Johnny. Our main concern was that Johnny could find a quiet home where he could relax and be spoiled. When Cori reached out to us, we were thrilled. It was magical to see her and Johnny together and we are thrilled that Johnny, our senior pup, could offer love and companionship to a senior human.

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