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Scratch My Belly: Emergency Medical Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

Vet bills

When we rescued Miles (with his pal Millie), he was very sick. Upon his arrival from the shelter at San Diego Bay Animal Hospital, we were informed that his lungs were completely filled with fluids. What was initially treated as common pneumonia during the first few days of hospitalization was escalated to a severe type of bacterial infection. The actual cost of treatment and hospitalization time were well over three times what was expected. With this grant we were able to cover about 25% of the costs we had with Miles's care so far.

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Miles and his buddy Millie were “residents” at Baldwin Park. Our rescue had made a commitment to save Millie before we knew Miles had come into the shelter with her. Upon their exit from the shelter, we knew Miles was sick, and both pups were taken immediately from the shelter to San Diego Bay Animal Hospital in San Diego to be treated. Upon examination, it was determined that Miles was very sick and, after X-rays, it was confirmed that his lungs were completely filled with fluids and he needed to be hospitalized immediately. The first few days of treatment, Miles showed no improvement with the standard medication used for pneumonia, and after being reevaluated, he was put on a very strong medication which could possibility affect his liver. Miles spent several days on IV and nebulizer treatment, and received daily injections and other drugs to help clear his lungs. After exiting the vet, he relapsed and had to go back, as the medication was affecting his intestines too. Without the help of the Petfinder Foundation, we would not have been able to give Miles the treatment he needed and deserved, and we are now patiently waiting for his loving home to come along. Thank you! Meet Miles:

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