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Tails of Gray: COVID-19 Operation Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

The 2020 COVID-19 Operation Grant was used toward the medical costs of one of our rescued senior dogs, Luigi, a neglected 8-year-old Yorkshire terrier who came to us with a significant amount of health issues. He had to be sedated and shaved down due to severe and painful matting, then he had all of his rotten teeth removed. Both eyes were infected and he had a little cough going on, as well. Once he recovered from the dental surgery, he went in to get neutered. He's on the mend still, at least on the up side of down.

This grant helped our organization pay for part of Luigi's vet bill. We typically spend about $1,000 per dog for their medical needs, and Luigi surpassed that by quite a bit.

How many pets did this grant help?


Please provide a story of one or more specific pets this grant helped.

Luigi is a charming little man who is full of life and happiness, now that he is safe and sound! He was a neglected stray picked up by the shelter and never claimed. We are very happy to have him with us!

Luigi, now a toothless wonder, came to us in pretty rough shape, but he’s feeling better every day. He was painfully matted and our vet shaved him during his dental. His pretty little Yorkie fur will grow back nice and soft and he feels one million times better! His eyes are being treated for infections and he is improving with taking his meds. He’s about 8 lbs. and we think he’s about 8 years old.

He is an active little guy who is friendly with other dogs. We don’t know about cats and recommend a home without children. He can be a little feisty at times, especially with brand new situations.
Luigi seems house-trained and has figured out the doggy door in his foster home.

Luigi is a real treasure and he will be a loyal, devoted companion for a very lucky family! Luigi continues to be in need of his forever home. You can meet him here.

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