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Feral Change: Emergency Medical Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

To help cover the emergency medical expense for ear surgery for one of our foster cats.

Kit Kat, one of our fosters, was in need of surgery to remove a polyp from his ear and the grant helped make that possible. It made all the difference to his recovery and he is doing much better.

How many pets did this grant help?


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My name is Kit Kat. I am a male cat who is about 6 years old. I have big, chubby cheeks and tabby markings on my handsome white undercoat. My birthday is a mystery, just like my beginnings. For the last three years, I roamed outside and had a very nice lady feed and love me. I loved her too, mostly because she fed me. I love food! I’m not a picky eater, probably because of my humble free-range beginnings.

Then one day I started head-tilting; I had a perpetual look of confusion and wonder. Not because I wondered if that nice lady had food for me, but because something was wrong. My balance was off and I felt dizzy. The nice lady contacted Feral Change and they told her to trap me so they could help find out what was causing my troubles. Did I mention I like food? Well, I was baited into a trap and there I was, trapped! I did not know it then, but that was the best thing that ever happened to me.

Those Feral Change people got me a nice temporary foster and then a long-term foster home. That’s where things get interesting, but in a good way! My new foster parents started taking me to a cat doctor. That cat doctor poked around in my ears, did testing, and found that I had a benign polyp growing in my ear.

You may be wondering and yes, they did a CATSCAN on a cat. But I was asleep, so I didn’t even get to laugh. After the CATSCAN, the cat doctor did surgery to remove part of the polyp. I guess the polyp was big, so they didn’t get it all because some of it was too deep in my inner ear. That’s okay though — I’m tough.

Ever since my ear surgery, I’ve been getting medicine. I used to get a lot of snacks with my medicine. I really like food. Did I mention that? Now I don’t get any medicine anymore because the snack medicine worked so well, and the cat doctor did such a good job!

Now my balance is better and I can run and spin around without getting dizzy when my foster dad feeds me. But just when I thought I was done with cat doctors, I had to see another one. This time, they neutered me. Yikes! I know, but now I’m ball-less and flawless, as they say.

After living with my foster parents for about six months while I was seeing those cat doctors, I’m now ready to find my forever home. I’ve gone through quite a transformation in many ways. When I was living outside, I used to never let people pet me, but now I love pets and all the attention I can get. I like to meow just to make sure they hear my demands. When I’m held, I’m happy. When I’m fed, I’m happier. When I’m held and being fed — well I’ve not tried that before, but I bet I would be happiest!

I used to scare my foster parents with these quick alligator-type rolls when I felt like I was losing my balance. Now my balance is much better; I still don’t feel comfortable climbing up on a cat condo, but I do love to jump on the couch and take naps. Thanks to Feral Change, VCA Bay Area Veterinary Specialists, the Petfinder Foundation, and my foster parents, I’m ready to go out and find my forever home. I hope they have snacks!

UPDATE: Kit Kat was just adopted!

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