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Chews Life Dog Rescue: Orvis Dog Enrichment Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

Training and rehabilitation to help our dogs get adopted!

$1,000 paid for a week of training and rehabilitation for our dogs Colden, Anastasia, Bakalava, Annie, and Zoe. When we rescued these five dogs, they had all been deemed “aggressive.” Thanks to your help, they are now living with our trainer, Dean, in a pack of 10-14 other dogs at a time and are well balanced and happy.

How many pets did this grant help?


Please provide a story of one or more specific pets this grant helped.

Colden (first photo) was rescued off the streets of Los Angeles after being abused by people passing by. We received a call that neighborhood kids were kicking him and throwing rocks at him. He was fearful of some people due to the abuse he suffered and is now a confident dog. Colden is seen in the photo as his confident, sweet, loving self.

Anastasia (second photo) was rescued from East Valley Animal Shelter in Los Angeles and was considered hyperactive and had a hard time meeting new dogs. After working with Dean, she is able to contain herself around other dogs and coexist calmly with them. Anastasia has a potential adopter interested in her and will be meeting them this week! Meet Anastasia:

Bakalava (third photo) was also rescued from East Valley Animal Shelter in Los Angeles and was not doing well with other dogs at the shelter. Within just a few hours of living with Dean, she learned that other dogs do not always pose a threat and that if she follows the lead of a confident human, she will be safe and happy. She learned to relax and be more confident. Bakalava has a potential adopter coming to meet her on Sunday! Bakalava is pictured during a photoshoot at Rita Earl Photography! Meet Bakalava:

Annie (fourth photo) was skin and bones when we saw her at Downey Shelter in Los Angeles. She was timid and scared beyond belief. Due to Dean’s consistency and help in her rehabilitation process, she is now confident and healthy as ever! Annie is still looking for a foster or forever home. She remains living with Dean and working on her socialization until a home is found. Annie is pictured at a healthy weight enjoying her new life while she awaits her forever home! Meet Annie:

Zoe (fifth photo) was rescued from San Bernardino County Shelter in San Bernardino, CA, with her puppies. Her puppies found homes relatively quickly, but Zoe had no such luck because of her dog reactivity and nervousness towards new humans. Zoe has turned into a different dog since living with Dean. She loves playing with the other dogs in her pack and has no trouble meeting new people. Zoe is meeting a potential foster this weekend! Zoe is pictured during a photoshoot at Rita Earl Photography. Meet Zoe:

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