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Animal Refugee Response: COVID-19 Operation Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

Vet care, adoption preparation, and pet food

With the generous Petfinder Foundation COVID-19 Operations Grant we received, we were able to continue to meet the needs of the animals in our care during a time when donations were at an all-time low as the pandemic and shutdown hit. We were able to get needed vet care for animals surrendered sick; continue to prepare animals for adoption with vaccinations, parasite control and spay/neuter; and get pet food for all of our cats and dogs.

How many pets did this grant help?

Vet care for 17 animals and food for 143 dogs and 101 cats

Please provide a story of one or more specific pets this grant helped.

After losing their jobs in the pandemic, Max’s family could not afford to care for him, even though we offered support in an effort to keep him in the home. So Max (first photo), a handsome 3-month-old blond pit bull mix, was surrendered to us. Thanks to the Petfinder Foundation COVID-19 Operations Grant we received, we were able to vaccinate Max, treat him for parasites and have him neutered.

Within two weeks of his arrival, we found him a wonderful home with a family able and determined to raise him with love and responsibility forever.

Found in a deep ditch, dehydrated and exhausted from his efforts to free himself, Wilber (second photo), a poodle mix with a severely matted and overgrown coat, needed help immediately. Thanks to the COVID-19 Operations Grant we received, he was treated for dehydration and anemia, had nine foxtails removed from inside his ears, and was shaved down and treated for flea infestation.

He was estimated to be 12 years old. No one claimed him. Once he recovered, a sweet and loving dog emerged. Although completely deaf, Wilber was happy with his caretakers and the other small dogs at our shelter. He was soon adopted and will live the rest of his life being treated as a king.

A 3-week-old orphan kitten with eyes sealed shut from infection, Ellie (third photo) was able to get vet care quickly after she was surrendered thanks to the Petfinder Foundation COVID-19 Operations Grant we received. Although she was given little chance of survival, we were able to get the medication that would help her fight for her life.

Now Ellie is 5 months old and a vibrant little acrobat who loves people! Although she did lose one eye, it has not stopped her from making the most of her life. Ellie is waiting for a loving, stable and permanent home.

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