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Saving Grace Rescue, Inc.: Emergency Medical Grant Report

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Care for Astro, a kitten from a hoarder situation who had flea-powder toxicity that lead to seizures, permanent blindness and permanent ataxia. He was also severely anemic and malnourished, severely infested with fleas and earmites, and had an upper-respiratory infection.

This grant allowed us to pay for his emergency care, continuing medical care, neurological consult and basic husbandry. Astro has made a near-full recovery aside from the blindness and an amusing wobble. He is a happy, loving and playful kitten who will go to his new home this weekend!

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Little Astro was rescued from a hoarding situation. He was found blind and infested with fleas. He was unable to find food in the stench and was losing weight and near death when we got him. Astro cannot see and needs a bit more time to learn to balance, but he is full of love and affection and some serious quirks. As soon as he’s picked up, he goes limp in your arms. His eyes look healthy, but he is completely non-visual. Astro had two seizures in the first few weeks, but things quickly improved after he moved into his foster home.

After a much-needed flea bath, little Astro revealed his unique “abilities.” Josh Norem, Astro’s foster dad, combed out an insane amount of fleas. The little tabby was so grateful for the relief that he curled up in his lap, switched on his purr motor, and started catching invisible bugs in the air.

He has come far and is doing much better. He leaps around playfully every morning and is loving his new life with comfort, food and care. After getting up on the couch through the stairs, he wedges his legs snugly between the couch and the stairs just the way he likes it. Astro may be a bit trembly, but he wants his humans to know that he’s just as purrfect as any other kitty with all the joy and love he can offer.

UPDATE May 21, 2017: It’s been a long journey of healing. Astro was very fortunate to have an amazing foster home. Here he is going to his new home (last photo)!

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