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Saving Grace Rescue Inc: Emergency Medical Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

Multiple surgeries and diagnostics for Bernie the cat: Eyelid agenesis repair, cardiac ultrasound and cryptorchid neuter,

Bernie's procedures could not have been done without the grant funds. He has healed from his surgeries and is living pain-free and in an adopted home. He plays and is enjoying a second kittenhood!

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Bernie was brought in to a high-risk shelter as a young adult intact male with a serious hind-leg injury, a heart murmur and a genetic condition that caused him to be nearly blind. Despite his clearly having had a rough start, Bernie’s incredibly sweet and mellow personality touched the shelter staff and they reached out for this unlikely candidate to go to rescue. Three surgeries later, Bernie and his an unwaveringly kind and happy attitude found a home. He moved into a home with two other rescue cats and family with a young boy. Bernie curls up every night with a pillow sewn just for him, cuddling his favorite toy and holding hands/paws with his new best friend.

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