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Wags Pet Adoption/Westminster Adoption Group Service: Senior Pet Adoption Assistance Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

After a few iterations of whom the grant would be given to, we have adopted Lexi to the family that fostered her. Lexi was being overlooked because she was older, needed a dental, and was black. The plan for Lexi is to get her blood work and then a dental. WAGS will reimburse the new owners up to the $1,000 grant money for Lexi's care. Promoting Lexi as a Petfinder Foundation senior-dog grant recipient helped to get her a foster, and then the foster failed, which was terrific for Lexi. The second best thing is that now the foster dad is a volunteer at WAGS, helping clean cat rooms. WOOT WOOT!

How many pets did this grant help?

One pet

Please provide a story of one or more specific pets this grant helped.

Lexi’s family’s story: We saw that WAGS needed help during the storm. My husband did not want a dog at this point in our life, but my daughter saw on Instagram that Lexi had been there for a long time. My husband said we could foster her, “as long it isn’t a Chihuahua.”

Once we got there and they brought her out, I thought, “Oh boy, it’s gonna be a long two weeks,” but we had to help. Lexi was just so sweet and scared. She was labeled as a possible biter, so we all just took things slow.

Lexi imprinted on my husband. She has to be with him wherever he goes, or she cries. We put a dog bed in every bathroom because she has to be with him no matter what. She knew what she was doing! He felt so happy that she loved him. He takes her for two walks per day and she lies on him watching TV.

The main thing everyone says is that she is so SWEET. When she is nervous, she hides her head, which breaks our hearts, so we try to make her comfortable at all times.

When WAGS called and said it was time to bring her back, our daughter said, “Please, Mommy, she is part of our family.” Plus, the story of her owner coming to get all her siblings but not her broke our hearts.

P.S.: I can’t imagine she would ever bite anyone. Our house is a revolving door of kids, and she has only been sweet. Thanks again for helping the helpless!

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