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Cat Town: Senior Pet Adoption Assistance Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

Grant funds were used for post-adoption support of a senior cat named Sequoia. The grant provided for medical care and special prescription food needed for her health.

This grant allowed us to offer to support the ongoing cost of care and prescription food for a senior cat. Sequoia had been in our care for almost two years before being adopted, and these grant funds helped remove cost-of-care as a barrier to her adoption.

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We took Sequoia into our care from our local municipal shelter, where she was on the euthanasia list. She is the most affectionate, loving cat you could care to meet, but she had the worst dental disease any of us had seen, and very severe, chronic respiratory infections.

We immediately had her seen at our veterinarian, where they diagnosed stomatitis and completed a full-mouth extraction. She was also diagnosed with early-stage kidney disease. Even after recovering from her dental surgery, she continued having severe mucous discharge from her nose and mouth.

We were eventually able to get that under control through a special diet, but then poor Sequoia got sick again and started vomiting. This time our veterinarian believed she had a mass in her stomach, which needed to be scoped and biopsied. Good news: It was “just” an ulcer, and easily treatable. Our little Sequoia was a trooper through all of this, with nothing but the sweetest disposition. She continued to have health issues and requires an expensive special diet, both of which were barriers to her being adopted.

Thanks to the Senior Pet Adoption grant and Cat Town’s “In It For Life” program, we were able to offer to cover the cost of her food, and her medical care, for the rest of her life. With cost removed as a barrier, sweet Sequoia was quickly adopted and is living her best life!

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