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Helen Sanders CatPAWS: Kia Pet Adoption Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

This grant allows us to offer two-for-one adoption fees to get more cats into homes. Adopting two cats at a time is better for the cats, especially kittens, and allows us to take in more cats and save more lives. Because we focus primarily on at-risk cats and kittens in public shelters, our ability to take in cats is time-critical, as many of the cats we take are on euthanasia lists for that day.

How many pets did this grant help?


Please provide a story of one or more specific pets this grant helped.

Just another sick, underage, not-even-weaned kitten in a public shelter, Lil’ Boo (first photo) was in what would have been the last day of her four-week-long life.

Inundated by shelters’ at-risk and euthanasia lists as we are, we know we have to make hard choices every day. Without foster homes, we cannot save lives, but when we saw Lil’ Boo’s forlorn little face, and knowing the fate which awaited her, we made room for her.

She required around-the-clock syringe feeding, as she was congested with a common URI — upper respiratory infection — the bane of every kitten rescuer’s life. We started her on antibiotics along with the usual dewormers and parasiticides. It was touch-and-go for weeks, but she was a tough little thing and slowly gained weight and strength.

Once she got a little stronger, we saw her feisty personality emerge. She loved to play and scamper about! She especially loved to be cuddled and would purr when picked up.

She was a singleton — an only kitten — at the shelter, and while being treated, did not have exposure to other kittens. She had to learn to enjoy another kittens’ company and play.

We were so delighted when we could finally introduce Lil’ Boo to other kittens. We were even happier to send her home with a new pal named Scuttle (second photo)! We always follow up with our adopters, and her delighted adopter reported: “Lil’ Boo is so full of personality! She plays hard and cuddles hard. She is a wonderful addition to our home.”

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