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Basic Needs Foundation: Emergency Medical Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

To pay Dr. Pedro Cisneros/VIP Pet Clinic in Santa Clarita, CA, to do an orthopedic surgery of the right rear knee (medial patella luxation) for a dog named Shiloh. She needed six weeks of physical and water therapy after surgery.

To help a dog named Shiloh walk without pain by having her right rear knee surgery. She can find a good home after all the physical and emotional trauma that she has gone through as a bait dog.

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Shiloh is approximately 3 years old. She needed to have surgeries for her knees so she could walk without pain. Her scars are the only thing she has to tell her story. Her teeth were filed down. Shiloh also had infections, cataracts, old broken ribs, and a broken tail when she was rescued.

In the weeks after her rescue, the vet treated her infected wounds, and she began a diet that would help her put on weight. At her foster home, Shiloh lived quietly and loved her foster. She was on pain medication for both knees.

Her surgery date was Nov. 3, 2020, with Dr. Pedro Cisneros in Santa Clarita, CA. Shiloh was adopted on Jan. 15, 2021. She can now walk without pain. However, she is not allowed to use stairs for at least six months.

UPDATE April 10, 2021: “Thought you would like to see how former bait dog Shiloh (black pit bull) is living now from her adopters. Picture of Bebe wandering in the yard from the adopters (seventh photo).

“ ‘It’s like we’ve always had her. And it’s only been three months.
She doesn’t leave our side. She loves her backyard. I think she’ll like a doggie pool. Back from a walk last week, she hopped in the fountain to cool off. Quite the personality. Oh and she figured out how to open the back screen door and let herself in. ‘

“It’s so awesome just looking at her before and current pictures. This former bait pit bull is now living her life and she can walk normally without pain! Look at her beautiful shiny black coat (she looks like a black panther but smaller) compared with her old pictures when she was rescued back on Aug. 23, 2020 (sixth photo).”

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