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Second Chance Dog Rescue: Emergency Medical Grant Report

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Petfinder Foundation Emergency Medical Grant funds were used to provide Leonardo with surgical repair of a large and painful untreated wound upon intake into Second Chance Dog Rescue. Leonardo’s initial veterinary treatment and surgery costs totaled $1,138.91. Grant funds were applied to supplement the cost of surgery as follows: Antech canine wellness and blood-panel diagnostic: $130; laceration repair surgery, anesthesia, IV fluids and catheter: $460.70; medications: $407.41. Additional medications, stitch removal and funds were provided by Second Chance Dog Rescue.

The Petfinder Foundation's Emergency Medical Grant alleviated a great deal of suffering for Leonardo by providing surgical repair of a serious wound that had been left untreated prior to his arrival at Second Chance Dog Rescue. This surgery was effective in healing Leonardo and helping him find his forever home, where he happily resides today.

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Leonardo was picked up as a stray by the Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care and Control on Jan. 19, 2020, and brought to the Southeast Area Animal Control Authority (SEAACA) shelter in Downey, CA. On Jan. 25, 2020, a team of volunteers from Second Chance Dog Rescue traveled to SEAACA to intake 18 of the overcrowded facility’s dogs, including Leonardo. At just 12 lbs., Leonardo had an untreated six-inch laceration on his right inguinal area, extending to his abdomen and femur, which required immediate surgery. The Petfinder Foundation Emergency Medical Grant made Leonardo’s veterinary treatment and surgery possible. He was discharged and placed in a Second Chance Dog Rescue foster volunteer’s home on Jan. 27 to recover with crate rest and medication. His foster caretaker reported that Leonardo “blossomed” during his recovery. Once his wound healed and his stitches were removed, Leonardo was posted as available for adoption through Second Chance Dog Rescue and has since found his forever family. Leonardo’s adopters report that Leonardo is “a perfect match” for their family. Leonardo “plays to exhaustion” with his new fur siblings and is doing “fantastically” in every regard.

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