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Bunny World Foundation: Disaster Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

To cover medical bills of the rabbits who had to be evacuated during the Getty Fire, the Brush Fire, and the Tick Fire.

In 2019, our holding area in Santa Clarita (which had 100+ rabbits inside) was evacuated, and many of our foster parents situated in Canyon Country and Brentwood were forced to flee. The grant helped cover medical bills for the injured rabbits, and those stressed out to the point of needing supportive care to recuperate from the evacuation ordeal. Some went into GI stasis; some developed pneumonia or respiratory issues and were treated for those. There were also lots of strays we picked up and rescued from the affected areas, as well many who have found themselves at the high-[intake] city shelters facing euthanasia.

How many pets did this grant help?


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Due to fires raging in the area, Augustina was one of many abandoned rabbits found with injuries from a possible attack by another animal. She was found suffering multiple putrid abscesses with rancid tissue deterioration and a build-up of congealed pus throughout. Her injuries had advanced to aggressive abscesses, causing infection to invade her fragile body. She seemed to have ALSO endured an ill-managed spay surgery while already undermined by preexisting infections. She was fighting for her new life, but her will was STRONG, and we were determined to rehabilitate her 100% and provide her all needed care and a bright, pain-free future. Thanks to BWF volunteers running hours-long rescue commutes for her, Augustina was evaluated, stabilized, and rushed to the emergency vet the same day she was rescued and, with the help of a Disaster Grant from the Petfinder Foundation, over the course of a few months, we were able to rehabilitate Augustina and see this youngster get all the love and care she’d been denied every second of her life.

Augustina, who had THREE infected holes in her abdomen when she was rescued, is not only 100% healed, but she also fell in love with Robin (third photo), who had troubles of his own, which also got treated during his post-rescue journey. They are both ADORABLE and STILL looking for that perfect home.

Augustina’s initial emergency treatment involved: Clipping fur and cleaning of all wounds; lancing of abscesses; warm compressing; and administering injectable Torbutrol, Baytril, Metacam, penicillin, and oral azithromycin. She was on three antibiotics, probiotics, pain meds, Critical Care mix, and a full array of holistic treatments: echinacea, colloidal silver, turmeric, coconut, and CBD oils. She’s received intensive daily wound flushing and lancing of abscesses with diluted chlorhexadine, followed by silver sulfadiazine topical antibiotic. Augustina remained on this protocol for one month with weekly re-checks. Despite her discomfort, Augustina remained grateful and loving, rewarding her foster mama with ample post-treatment kisses and pulling at the heartstrings like no other. This young child is the sweetest and most tolerant soul.

Thank you from the bottom of our bunny-loving hearts!

Meet Augustina on Petfinder.

Meet Augustina and Robin on Petfinder.

Meet Robin on Petfinder.

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