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Straight Outta Rescue Society: GF Pet Products Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

The GF Pet Product grant allows us to add amazing and durable gear to our rotation for the foster pups in care. Having the right gear to fit our pups for the different circumstances they will face during their care is essential to helping us develop well-rounded and socialized pups.

It is no secret that Vancouver is a rainy place, and rain is not for everyone -- or every pup! The rain jackets help our foster families confidently guide their foster pups out for their important exercise on even the most dreary of days.

The heat also sneaks up around here. With so many amazing outdoor adventures, the cooling vests and bandanas ensure our foster families can safely involve their foster pups in more activities. The cooling toys have also proved to be great to support teething puppies.

Being able to involve our foster pups in more activities helps them be the best they can be and settle into their forever families faster. Thank you, GF Pet!

How many pets did this grant help?


Please provide a story of one or more specific pets this grant helped.

Here are just a few of our rescues who have benefitted from the GF Pet Grant so far:

Marley is our resident foster ‘mom.’ She joined our care as an owner surrender and foster failed her way into an amazing home with our founder. She helps show the way to so many of our pups and kitties in care and takes her role as quality control seriously, loving her opportunity to any items before we put them into rotation. Marley has found her forever family.

Maggie, pictured in the yellow raincoat, joined our care as a super sweet but super shutdown gal. Her foster family gave her the space and support to build her confidence and her reversible GF Pet Raincoat helped give her the confidence to face some pretty severe rainy weather during that period! Maggie is now in her forever home.

Skeech joined us along with his puppies and his baby mama. For a pup that had never had rules or boundaries before all he wanted to do is please. His GF Pet leash saw a lot of walks and adventures during his time in foster and was probably the first leash he had ever been on. It stood up to the test, and our quick learner was respectfully walking by his foster mom in no time. Skeech has found his forever home.

Bruce won the lottery with his foster placement on Gibsons. He turned a lot of looks not just because, well look at him, but also his striking GF Pet leash and collar set. Bruce has found his forever home.

Daisy aka Donna was helped to overcome her anxiety of the ‘big city’ thanks to her cooling bandana. She and her sister Sunny joined our care after being abandoned as strays in a rural community. Having the right gear to help them adjust has been an important part of their socialization! Daisy has found her forever home but her sister Sunny is still on the hunt:

Pansy joined our care at a very young age. She and her sisters were found abandoned in a rural community we work with. She has really built up her confidence in foster and one of her favourite toys right now is the GF Pet Cooling toys as she’s starting to teeth. She loves them after her walks to cool off and get some relief for her mouth. Pansy is currently looking for a forever home.

Rex joined our care after her family could no longer keep him safe from some terrible individuals in their community. His injury to his eye required lots of patience and care from his foster family. Despite what he’s gone through, he’s an absolute gem of a pup. He sometimes suffers from car sickness and his GF Pet cooling bandana has helped him with this. He also sports a GF Pet collar to help him show off his adoption bandana and while he ensures pets by sitting in your lap. Rex is looking for his forever home:

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