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Kitty Cat Prevent A Litter Society: Capital Improvement Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

The grant funds were used for much-needed improvements at our shelter: Security lightening for outside; insulation behind cat cages and weather stripping around three of the exterior doors; and better storage/more storage shelving.

Our shelter was built three years ago. Sadly, the cages were not insulated properly, so during the colder months, we could not use four of them as they were far too cold. Now we can! The weather stripping has all been replaced and we are thrilled that no more cold air is blowing through the doors.

We were also able to properly install better shelving in our storage room for donations such as food. The shelving we had before was not reliable, nor was it a fit for what we needed.

We have had many concerns from our volunteers about how dark it was at night. Coming into the winter months, it gets darker much earlier. With no street lights or any other lights around, some volunteers were not comfortable being there in the fall or winter past 4:30 p.m. Now we have proper lighting up and all around to help all our on-site volunteers feel secure and safe.

It has provided our volunteers a sense of security when at our shelter in the dark. It has provided the cats in our care warmth and security from the cold and noises. It has provided more and better storage for all our donated items and daily cat supplies

How many pets did this grant help?

It will help more then 600 cats per year.

Please provide a story of one or more specific pets this grant helped.

This grant will help hundreds of cats and kittens. With more than 650 coming into our care a year, during the colder months we were truly held back by how many we could take into our shelter while they waited to move to a foster home or were posted for adoption.

Four of our 10 enclosures were not usable during the cold winter months. They were not insulated properly, and therefore were freezing cold to be in; the stainless steel was cold even to touch. They were also very drafty and had no soundproofing — not usable for cats in any way once it began to get cold.

This grant gave us the funds to properly insulate those enclosures, giving us four more spaces to use during the cold months. Having more space gives us the ability to help more pets! Having each and every cat in our care be comfortable, warm, cozy, and with a full belly is a must. This grant provided that for all our KCP cats and kittens.

As of right now we have two of the newly insulated cages in use (it was three). The other two will fill up quickly.

Jazzy and Lucy (first photo) are approximately 6 months old. They are awaiting their spay dates and then will be ready to be posted for adoption. They had been in separate enclosures, but once they met, they became inseparable. They have bonded in the most beautiful way and will be posted to be adopted together.

Sasha (second photo) is almost 13 years old and was one of KCP’s kittens from 13 years ago. Her owner lost her home and, due to the lack of pet-friendly rentals, had to surrender Sasha. Sasha will be moving to a foster home soon, as she does need dental work before her adoption can take place.

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