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Stealing Hearts Rescue: Kia Pet Adoption Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

Through this grant, we were able to move our dogs during a time where dogs aren't getting adopted quickly. We were able to adopt out 10 dogs by giving the adopter 50% off through this grant.

How many pets did this grant help?


Please provide a story of one or more specific pets this grant helped.

Mason (first photo): This sweet boy lived his first four years fighting in a dog-fighting ring. When he lost his first fight, he was dumped in the front yard, bloody and mangled and left to die.

A neighbor called a rescue that picked him up and rushed him to a vet, who saved his life but had to amputate his front leg. Mason then lived in that rescue in an outdoor kennel for the next SIX years, deemed “unadoptable” due to his past.

A friend of our director took him from that rescue and asked us to take him. SHR did just that and kept him in a safe, air-conditioned shelter, where he resided in a room known as “the Presidential suite.”

During his stay, vet care was provided and it was determined that sweet Mason had skin cancer from his years living outside in the New Mexico sun.

Nine months later, a wonderful woman and her adult son met Mason, fell in love with him, and couldn’t leave the shelter without him! Even with the knowledge of his cancer (which is being treated as it appears), they knew their life would be richer with Mason in it!

Jack (third photo): This little guy was pulled from the euthanasia list at a county shelter for biting. He was less than a year old. He was happy, healthy, and playful and we just couldn’t let him die there.

Because when he was excited, he would jump up and nip, he went to our trainer’s home. There he lived with many other dogs, received training, and learned manners.

Although he made so much progress, he still had the habit of nipping people when he was excited. So after almost a year with our trainer, and because he was so great with the other dogs, she decided to make our boy Jack part of her pack and adopted him!

Handsome Dwight (fourth photo) was pulled from a shelter up north, where his owners had dumped him after he was hit by a car and they didn’t want to take him to a vet.

Because they’d allowed his broken leg to heal without medical attention, he needs constant medication for pain and will always walk with a limp.

A wonderful family met him, fell in love, and didn’t care about the lifelong medical expense that came along with him. They just knew their lives wouldn’t be complete without him in their family!

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