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Paws Patrol Inc: COVID-19 Operation Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

The money was used for medicines, exams, and tests. For example, $266.96 was used for Poppy for tests, $75 was for spay and vax for Ms Emmy, $93.60 paid for an exam and vax for Ralphie, $228.30 allowed the Spice litter to get exams and meds, Nadiya got meds for $48.24, and Norte received a consult from a surgeon for $97.75.

The funds helped us get a consult for a kitty who'd been hit by a car, provide testing for a senior cat from a cat colony, and exams and meds for a new litter of kittens found behind a restaurant.

How many pets did this grant help?


Please provide a story of one or more specific pets this grant helped.

Poppy (first photo) is about 8-10 years old. This wonderful male is quite a lover! He recently came to us from a cat colony in Tucson where all the cats are being removed to make room for a new development. He received a thorough checkup at the vet, including a complete blood and urine lab workup, and he is healthy. (He is having some dental work done on June 30.) Currently, Poppy is in a foster home and doing great. Someone must have owned him at some point because he loves being brushed and petted, which is good because he does have longer, fine hair. Poppy was already fixed so he does not spray. Poppy is up for adoption. Meet Poppy here.

Ralphie (second photo) was born about May 1, 2020. From his Petfinder profile: “I am another cool cat who was found in Green Valley, but no one could find my humans. That means I really need a safe, indoor forever home with caring people. And not only am I handsome, I am pretty laid-back, too. Are you willing to give me the home I deserve?” Ralphie was adopted June 13.

“Ms Emmy, born about January 2019, had a litter of kittens and only one, Ishii, survived. Emmy has been a terrific mom and she and the kitten (third photo) are very bonded. Ms Emmy is a very sweet and lovable girl who enjoys snuggle time as often as you allow. She is still a little unsure with new things such as vacuums and really loud noises. She’s great with large dogs once she knows they aren’t a threat and she LOVES to talk! She will most definitely let you know when she’s hungry and if she just needs some love! She’s great with kids — she loves the older kids and can be a little unsure of the jumpy younger kids, but she adapts very quickly to her surroundings.” Ms. Emmy and her son were adopted together on June 24.

NORTE–MALE—BORN ABOUT 11/2020–$48.24
Norte was found on June 15 on a front porch apparently suffering from a broken leg and appeared to have been hit by a car. We went to get him and found he was quite terrified but could hobbled rapidly on 3 legs. Xrays showed a clean break in a front leg but also a fracture in the chest. An appointment was made to consult with a veterinary surgeon about inserting a plate and saving the leg. Unfortunately the day before the scheduled appointment, Norte went quickly downhill, probably from other internal injuries. Sadly, on June 19, Norte was euthanized.

A litter of 5 kittens estimated to be 2 ½ to 3 weeks old were found June 1st behind a restaurant. The 4 Tuxedos are boys and the female is a Calico. Their foster Mom called them the Spice Litter and named them Sage, Rosemary, Thyme, Curry and Cumin. They were young enough that they needed to be bottle fed. Upon their wellness check, they were found to have Coccidia and were put on a medication of Albon. The kittens are doing well now and growing rapidly with wiggle weights of around a pound and a half. Two of the kittens have already been adopted together but won’t be going home for a while. They have another re-check on July 6th and at 3 pounds will be spayed and neutered. The remaining kittens will then be looking for their forever home. The litter will be available for adoption about early August. They are not yet posted online.

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