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Cochise Canine Rescue: Orvis Dog Enrichment Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

We purchased new dog beds, a variety of toys for small to XL dogs, and a few warm sweaters for smaller dogs who did not have any. Many of our beds had been worn out or torn up. We found a selection of comfortable beds and three sweaters/coats for the smaller dogs at Ross Dress for Less, which has a good discounted pet section. For the larger dogs, we found some orthopedic foam beds for under $20 each at Coscto. We purchased four of them for less than $100! These particular beds are for dogs with arthritis or amputations. We also found great toys both at Costco and online, ranging from great prices for Nylabones at Costco to rope toys of various types and sizes through Amazon and eBay. Now all the dogs have comfortable and clean beds, warm winter wear, and lots of toys to play with!!

We have 31 dogs on-site, mostly senior and special-needs animals -- whether blind, toothless, three-legged or suffering with chronic illnesses such as cancer or valley fever. Our dogs now have enough beds, winter wear and toys to play with thanks to this Orvis grant!!

How many pets did this grant help?

31 dogs

Please provide a story of one or more specific pets this grant helped.

Henry (first photo) is a double-merle (“lethal white”) cattle dog. He blind in his right eye and, according to the veterinarians at Eye Care for Animals in Tucson, has approximately 10% vision in his left — but will go completely blind as he gets older. Nonetheless, as a 2-year-old, he is high-activity and playful. This grant bought Henry new toys. Rope toys are his absolute favorites, but he enjoys stuffed squeaky toys as well! Henry has been on Petfinder for quite a while with his very best friend, Adi, a 3-year-old, three-legged cattle dog. They play tug-of-war together with their new toys. We are hoping they will find a home together, as they are incredibly bonded. Here is a brief video of Henry playing with a new rope toy: The second photo shows Adi shortly after her leg amputation; you can see WHY we needed some new beds!

Meet Henry:

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