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Humane Society of Marion County: Senior Pet Adoption Assistance Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

The Petfinder Foundation Senior Pet Adoption Assistance Grant helped Lucy Lou, a vision-impaired, special-needs senior schnauzer mix. The grant provided a year's worth of Blue Buffalo Senior dog food, dental supplies, a bed, a sweater, and more to the adopter. She has been adopted !

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Lucy Lou is a 14-year-old schnauzer mix who came to us after someone found her abandoned and took her in. They looked for a shelter to take a senior dog and, when contacted, we immediately accepted her into our shelter.

All the volunteers loved Lucy Lou. However, sadly, she was overlooked for adoption by people seeking younger dogs.

We applied for a grant from the Petfinder Foundation to help Lucy Lou. The Senior Pet Adoption Assistance Grant provided a year’s worth of senior food, dental products, a comfy bed, a sweater and more to the adopter.

Shortly after we received the grant, Lucy Lou was adopted. She was adopted by an amazing couple who also adopted Linus, another senior dog whom we had at the shelter. Linus and Lucy Lou did not come to the shelter at the same time, but they immediately bonded once they met.

We were so thankful for the Senior Pet Adoption Assistance Grant, as it was very instrumental in the adoption of Lucy Lou. (It was a bonus that the kind family was willing to adopt another senior dog as well, and the grant-funded products were extremely helpful, especially since they adopted two dogs!)

The family has given us updates and the two pups are doing amazing!

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