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Humane Society of Marion County: Orvis Dog Enrichment Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

Two Tether Tug outdoor tug toys for dogs
Three portable misting systems for misting the outside of the dog kennels when the weather is hot for extra comfort
Four 10” Jolly Balls for large-breed dogs

Total spent: $902.09
Total grant money from Orvis: $850

Thank you so much!

We are so excited to receive this grant from Orvis for our shelter dogs. The tether tug toys and the Jolly Balls all are to enrich the environment of the dogs in the play yards and to entertain them for their happiness.

The dogs really enjoy playing with the Jolly Balls and they last a considerable amount of time and are easy to clean. The outdoor tether toys are so much fun for the dogs too and the rope tug part is easily replaceable, so these should last for a very, very long time as well and help a lot of dogs!

The misting systems are going to be amazing in the sweltering-hot summer months in Arkansas. While the dogs do have air conditioning in the inside part of the kennels, we are excited to provide the extra comfort on the outside of their kennels, where they can be lightly misted for cooling and comfort. Thank you Orvis, for making these comfort items possible !

How many pets did this grant help?

Currently 13 (but these items will last a very, very long time and help a lot of dogs through the years)

Please provide a story of one or more specific pets this grant helped.

Beau (first three photos) is a beautiful border collie/spaniel mix. He came to us very nervous and withdrawn. Our all-volunteer group has worked with him and now he is an outgoing, loving dog who loves to play. We feel he would be great with a family or individual who likes to take long nature walks. He really enjoys play/agility and walks and has learned how to walk on a leash. We feel he would excel in learning in an agility course. He is very smart and loving with adults.

The Jolly Balls we’d had prior to getting the grant were torn after being used for many years. The dogs love them! When we got our order from the Orvis grant, Beau immediately started playing with the tether toys and Jolly Balls. He is a very happy dog now. Beau is still looking for a forever home. You can meet Beau here.

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