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Marley's World: COVID-19 Operation Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

The $250 was placed in the general fund and used to buy dog food.

Adoptions and donations are at a standstill, so the money really helped with operating expenses.

How many pets did this grant help?


Please provide a story of one or more specific pets this grant helped.

This has been the strangest year in over 50 years of animal rescue here at Marley’s World. In early March we realized that the trickle of news about the corona virus might very well impact our ability to carry on. We stopped accepting new dogs and began stockpiling dog food and other supplies.

By mid April we stopped posting new pet adoption candidates. One of our last adoptions was by a man who flew in from Seattle to adopt Lilly who was treated here for heartworms. Following the news reports from that part of the company scared the crap out of us. We had three groups of puppies that were adopted with the last three and their mother picked up directly at the veterinarians office on the day they were spayed/neutered.

The vet was doing curbside service by then. Many of our adoptions are repeat adopters or by referral and we continued to get inquiries even from states that were in full lock down. It is painful and scary to turn away potential adopters but by this time I was the only person taking care of almost 40 dogs with no one to step in if I became incapacitated and to make matters even more concerning I am in several high-risk categories for this virus.

Of course the cost of caring for the dogs continues so when the Petfinder Foundation announced an operating grant to help, I applied and was awarded $250 which went directly into the general fund for food/supplies and utilities. Grant reporting is nothing new to us but the requirements of this one made it a little challenging. Petfinder was asking for how the money benefited one dog specifically and furthermore the dog need a URL for adoption posting. We have only one dog currently listed and she is one that may well become a permanent sanctuary resident due to her breed and temperament. Her name is Haley and you can meet her here.

The much-appreciated grant helps make it possible to continue to care for Haley without feeling compelled to place her in a high-risk adoption or consider even less-acceptable solutions like euthanasia. Petfinder has long been a valuable ally and is greatly appreciated. On a bright note, we received a new dispatch this morning indicating that we may be able to more safely open up to adoptions soon following the latest report from the Arkansas Department of Health on the effectiveness of universal use of face masks.

Pictured is Haley. From her Petfinder profile: “Hi there! My name is Haley on account of I have a mark on me that looks just like a comet. My life has been one big adventure and I loved every minute of it, but I’m ready to settle down. I got pregnant and was accepted by a rescue up north, but on the day I went to the vet to get my health certificate, I had my pups on the way home.

“One was too big and one was not well, but I managed to raise one fat little butterball named Tank. When the time came for me to go north with him, the rescue did not have room for me, only my pup, so I stayed here at Marley’s World. I love it here where I have lots of friends and people to love me but I really want a family of my own.

“I am a bull terrier, which makes me small and sweet like the dog from The Little Rascals. I’m full-grown at two years old and weigh 41 lbs. I’m spayed and tested negative for heartworms and have been placed on preventative. I’m also housetrained and have great leash and basic-obedience skills. I love to fetch and will learn new tricks for cookies and pats. If you want a compact, clean, funny and totally devoted companion, then I’m your girl.” You can meet Haley here.

All the dogs at the sanctuary helped eat the dog food. As I am alone in caring for them at this time and am high-risk, I have not risked having the general public in so no adoptions have take place since March.

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