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Guardian Angels Cat Rescue and Adoption Shelter: Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

The $1,000 grant allowed us to offer reduced adoption fees when two kittens were adopted together. We advocate for kittens to be adopted in pairs for several health and adjustment benefits. Our standard adoption fee is $50 per kitten. The grant gave 25 families the opportunity to adopt two for $60. Our "2-4-60" campaign is making double adoptions affordable.

To date, we have adopted 20 pairs of kittens and will offer 2-4-60 to five more families by the end of November.

We had an overwhelming kitten season. Since the starting date of the grant, Aug. 1, 2020, we have accepted 75 kittens for foster care and adoption. Since the beginning of the year, 266 cats have been surrendered. The majority of these were stray kittens or abandoned litters, with or without their mothers. By reducing the shelter population at double the rate of adoptions through the 2-4-60 program, we have been able to keep a manageable census and provide high-quality care to all.

How many pets did this grant help?


Please provide a story of one or more specific pets this grant helped.

Mark is a 7-year-old black cat who was rescued as a stray and has lived at the shelter for half his life. A while back, he wasn’t feeling well and he spent some time in our medical room.

Baby is a 1-year-old female tabby who came to us as a kitten and hid for most of her first year in the kitten room. None of our volunteers were able to coax her out of her hiding hole. Then Mark came along, joining a new room after his stay in the infirmary.

When Baby met Mark, her life changed. She felt secure with him and snuggled up to him every day. Mark loves to be petted, and soon Baby was accepting affection too. They were inseparable (first photo).

Yesterday, Brian wanted to adopt Mark, and when he learned about Mark’s bond with Baby, he opened his home and heart to her, too.
Mark and Baby were adopted together and can now live happily ever after in their new home.

Although this wasn’t a 2-4-60 “kitten” adoption, the offer was made for this bonded pair and opened the door for the double adoption and a happily-ever-after love story.