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The Animal Shelter: A Shot at Life Vaccination Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

We received 150 doses of Boehringer Ingeheim Fel O Vac IV feline vaccine! We have been able to get all our cats up to date on vaccines, including the new cats recently brought to the shelter!

By having this many vaccinations provided to us, we were able to utilize the resources freed up by this generous grant to pay for 16 cats to be spayed/neutered. Already being spayed or neutered enables the cats to be available for immediate adoption instead of having to wait for a potential adopter before surgery is scheduled!

How many pets did this grant help?

We have used 46 vaccines so far! We expect to use all 150 by the end of this calendar year.

Please provide a story of one or more specific pets this grant helped.

Twinkie – adopted 8/27 by the Fergusons through our local PetSmart store, where we are able to house cats for adoption to the public – here is an email she sent to us regarding her application: rnI was wondering if you have received my adoption application info from PetSmart in Oxford, for a cat my family and I want to adopt. The cat is white with a few tan blotches and her name is Twinkie. The entire family (my husband, myself, and my 3 daughters) have been to visit with her twice, and all of us have fallen in love with her! I’ve always heard that a cat chooses its owner, and I believe it’s true. This cat has chosen us! Lol. She is so good with my girls (apparently loves kids)! We haven’t stopped thinking about her and my girls keep asking me about her every day! I would love to give her a forever home and a life filled with excitement and love. Thank you and have a blessed day!rnLove, rnThe entire Ferguson Family :)rnrnStardust – adopted by the Teems family on Sept 19, also from our PetSmart adoption area – here is the email regarding their application:rnWe are really excited about the possibility of adopting Stardust! Not a day has passed since we left the application that we’ve not discussed how much we want to give her a “furever” home and what will be needed to make her feel at home. We will be able to put in extra time to get the two kitties acquainted- my husband’s schedule has (fortunately) worked out lately to where he is able to be at home much more often than in the past. He’s there during the day most of the time throughout the week. I am there in the evenings every evening, as well. I know cats can sometimes be very territorial, and we are prepared for the prospect of that happening. We know it will just take time, patience, and love to get everyone adjusted!rnrnThen, an excerpt from the email they sent to me after I told them they were approved for adoption:rnrnWe are SO excited!! We will be going by PetSmart this evening to pick her up! We can’t wait to get more acquainted with Stardust and are so excited to be adding her to our family! Thank you so much for all of your help and for your quick responses! God bless you for the work you do!rnrnWhen we get such heartwarming feedback from families who have decided to adopt from our shelter, it makes all the hard work worthwhile. Your foundation makes wonderful stories like this possible, as we could not do what we do without your help. Thank you so much!

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