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Friends of Pets: Shelter+ Challenge Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

We used the shelter challenge grant for two projects. One was focused on medical care of senior dogs we rescued, and the other was to provide spay/neuter assistance to Anchorage Animal Control during their "Price is Right" shelter cat adoption promotion

The dogs we rescued had been left at Animal Control by their former owners at age 11, 12, and one unclaimed stray at age 13. All three dogs still were vibrant with love left to give. Rescuing a senior dog takes extra resources because senior best care -- that includes blood work, x-rays etc. -- is expensive. Two of the dogs also needed dental cleaning and extractions. We were able to find homes for each of the dogs (two in one home!) and the new owners were grateful for the investment in their health care. During the cat adoption promotion, 64 cats were adopted from Anchorage Animal Control and we assisted to spay and neuter 16. The remaining cats were already altered.

How many pets did this grant help?


Please provide a story of one or more specific pets this grant helped.

Aspen is a sweet Jack Russell Terrier who found herself as a stray at Anchorage Animal Control at about age 13. No one came to look for her and her adorable personality grabbed our hearts and we asked if we could rescue her. The veterinarian diagnosed some health concerns, including a significant heart murmur, but we invested in getting her to a baseline of “senior” health, had her teeth cleaned and set out to find her a home. A veterinarian who was traveling to Alaska from Canada for a conference was looking at dogs available for adoption in the Anchorage area and came upon Aspen’s picture and it grabbed her heart. What better match for a senior dog than a veterinarian! After she, her husband and their current dog had a chance to spend some time together and agreed that they were willing to make the commitment, off they went back to Canada. The reports and pictures we have received indicate that Aspen could not have landed in a better home. Her antics make them laugh and she has gone from abandoned stray to a well loved member of the family.

Emmy and Robby are a pair of very sweet senior Bichons. They were released by their owner to animal control due to a new baby in the home and not having time or resources to care for the dogs. Emmy and Robby have wiggled their way into the hearts of a family in Wasilla!

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