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How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

The funds from the grant award were used for one particular rescue of a starving, neglected, abused horse whom we named Miracle. She was barely able to walk and needed not only nutrition, but also medical care and rehabilitation focused on trust issues. Your award of $1000 provided these essential things at a critical time for this horse. rn(See before and after photos attached.) rn

The Petfinder/Tractor Supply grant award made all the difference in this horse's life. Without this money, we would not have been able to take her on since we were at the limit for our sanctuary in being able to afford to care for more horses.rnrnrnrnrnrn

How many pets did this grant help?

One horse in particular, but indirectly many, since it helped us to stretch our capacity enough to include this rescue. Miracle is now being trained to be one of our

Please provide a story of one or more specific pets this grant helped.

She has come to be known as “Miracle” because her turn around was just that.rnrnWhen Miracle arrived at our rescue sanctuary, she could barely walk. She was starving, had been severely neglected and what little attention she did get was not good. We did not know how we were possibly going to be able to take her on and give her all of the nutritional, medical, and rehabilitative attention that she so obviously needed. But, we did take her on and then reached out to Petfinder and the Tractor Supply Company for monies to help us help one more horse even though we were at our maximum threshold for rescues. Because of Petfinder and the Tractor Supply Company Grant, we were able to afford the food and supplies and medical care that Miracle required to get a jumpstart on making it. rnrnAnd make it she did– miraculously! The vets had told us that we should not get our hopes up; that she most likely would not make it. However, we knew we had to try. Volunteers at Happy Endings saw that she was fed five times a day with good quality feed and Platinum Equine supplements to build her strength and immune system. Veterinarians supervised. As soon as she was strong and stable enough, she began rehabilitation to work on trust issues.rnrnToday, Miracle is almost unrecognizable as that horse that came to us barely able to stand or walk. She is sweet, mild-mannered, and an eager worker. We are now training her to become an “ambassador” in our animal educational programs. And although she has scars from the gashes that she had, to us and everyone who meets her, she is a beautiful Miracle.rnrnThank you SO much Petfinders and Tractor Supply!rnrn

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