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Facebook Thank You Post

How to complete your Facebook Thank You post requirement in the Follow-up Form

  • Log into your Petfinder Foundation Grant system account
  • Click on the house icon at the top of the Applicant Dashboard page
  • Scroll down until you find the appropriate grant Facebook Post due Form Name
  • Click on the blue “Edit” link (see screenshot below)
  • On the follow-up form, scroll down to the “URL Social Media Post” field and paste the URL for your organization’s Facebook Thank You post (see screenshot below)
  • After filling in the Facebook URL click the blue Submit Follow-up button. Once you submit a confirmation page will load stating “Your follow-up has been submitted.” (see screenshot below)
  • Click on the blue “Continue” button to return to the Applicant Dashboard page

Please email [email protected] if you experience any issues. Be sure to include a screenshot of any issues, if possible, and include it along with your organizations name when emailing me.