Make a donation in memory of a pet and we will post his or her photo, along with your reminiscences, below.

Please email with your pet’s photo and a few words of remembrance.


In memory of brave Bauer, the Alaskan Corgi who lived a wonderful 16 1/2 years that included daily walks in subzero weather, salmon fishing, and a myriad of other activities with his adoring family.–Carol Wetmore

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Miss Betty

This donation is in memory of Miss Betty, beloved companion to my dear friends Holly Morris and Renee Holoien. Betty’s unexpected departure on April 10, 2019, was a shock to all who knew and loved her … and now miss her so very much. She was such a character. Much love, Jenny

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In memory of sweet Max, who was loved by so many and will be missed by all.–Sheryl LaBoda

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My donation is a memorial for my friends who have just lost their beloved spaniel, Millie. They found Millie 10 years ago with Petfinder. Here is Millie’s picture on a happy day when she got a new leash!–Diann Hicks Carlson

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Although we are all deeply saddened by the loss of a treasured pet and family member, Poe, we also want to acknowledge how happy we all are that we got to know him, and have him in our lives. Poe had a special spirit; instantly people gravitated towards him. He was the most photogenic cat, and his photos and silly…

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Nathan was a lover. He loved playing tag, he loved car rides, and he loved going for long walks in whatever direction his nose took him. But his favorite thing to love was being touched. If your hand was anywhere near where his head could be, he’d find a way to make it happen. It didn’t matter who you were,…

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Zack was the best of companions and a credit to his hybrid breeding … a Jack Russell/Chihuahua mix that I liked to call a “Jack Wah-Wah.” In August of 2015, at the age of 11, he valiantly fought off a coyote, only to succumb to his wounds days later. Fierce, passionate dog, fiercely missed.–Bonnie Jackson

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Kanelo jumped off the page at us. We had been discussing the possibility of rescuing a dog and were looking through the Petfinder site in January of 2014 to see who was out there. We knew almost immediately when we saw him that he was our boy. He was a senior at just under 10 years old, his birthday coming…

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Smokie was a special kitty to everyone that met him. He was my baby and always will be, we simply adored each other. He would give me kisses and hugs. He was always excited to see me, even if I just stepped out to put the trash out and came back in I was greeted like I was gone all…

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