Become a Monthly Donor

donate2Establishing a monthly donation to the Petfinder Foundation helps us help pets in need year-round.


Your monthly donation will save the lives of pets like Remy.

Your sustaining gift will save the lives of pets like Remy (right), who was found tied to a porch in frigid temperatures, emaciated and on the brink of death. With our help, she is now thriving in a home where she is loved. Read Remy’s story.

How Your Gift Can Help
Your monthly gift is not only convenient for you, it will make an ongoing difference for homeless pets. Here are just a few examples of the impact your monthly gift, matched by Orvis, can have in one year:

$0.33 a day = $10 a month: Vaccinates 96 shelter dogs or 120 shelter cats
$0.83 a day = $25 a month: Gives comfortable beds to 20 shelter dogs
$1.67 a day = $50 a month: Gives toys to 240 shelter pets to ease stress
$2.50 a day = $75 a month: Spays or neuters 72 homeless dogs or cats
$3.33 a day = $100 a month: Builds 48 exercise yards for shelter dogs

For the cost of a small latte, you can change life for hundreds of pet waiting for loving homes. Establish your monthly donation today.