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Adoption Events

Our corporate partners often request that we find shelters or rescue groups to bring adoptable pets to in-store or other events. We are happy to coordinate these events, but because the process is extremely time-consuming, we have established the following guidelines for partners:

1. The Petfinder Foundation needs at least 45 days notice prior to each event in order to give us enough time to find an organization to attend.

2. Whenever possible, please be flexible with your event dates, or at least provide more than one date option. Weekend dates are preferred, as most organizations use volunteers to staff adoption events and most volunteers are not available during the week.

4. The Petfinder Foundation will make our best effort, but we give no guarantee that we will be able to locate an adoption partner for your event.

5. We will coordinate adoption groups for a maximum of 10 events for a single corporate partner.

6. A minimum up-front donation of $1,000 to the Petfinder Foundation is required to help us cover administrative costs. This donation may be higher if the partner wishes us to find adoption groups for a large number of events, events in remote locations or events during the week or over holiday weekends.

7. The corporate partner or hosting venue must reimburse the adoption group for all expenses related to the event, including meals.

Tips for Hosting a Successful Adoption Event at Your Retail Location

So you want to host an adoption event at your dealership, store or other venue? Great! Adoption events are fantastic ways to increase foot traffic, connect with your community and find homes for pets in need!

Here’s what you’ll need to do to host a successful event:

1. Decide what kind of pets you would like to have at the event:

  • Cats, dogs, or both?
  • If dogs, do you have any size restrictions?
  • Can dogs be leashed or must they be in cages?
  • How many pets can you accommodate?

2. Determine what you can provide the adoption group: A table and chairs? A source for fresh water? Wifi access? A grassy area where the dogs can relieve themselves? The group will most likely bring its own food and water bowls, pet treats and toys, signage, etc.

3. If the animals will be outdoors, make sure that you can provide adequate shade to prevent overheating.

4. Determine whether you need any special permits or insurance to have animals on-site.

5. Decide the date and start and end times for your event. How early would you like the adoption group to arrive in order to set up?

6. Find an adoption organization to partner with. You can search for organizations near you at (, or contact the Petfinder Foundation for help ([email protected]).

7. Once you’ve partnered with an adoption organization, spread the word about the event through signs, flyers, email and social media.

8. Have fun, and feel great about helping pets in need!!