Petfinder Foundation News

Success Story: Dubois County Humane Society

We work hard to make shelter life as enjoyable as possible for our animals while they are waiting to find their forever families. This grant helped (and continues to help) all of the dogs in our care, by giving them a daily treat to look forward to.

This grant has been wonderful for Gertr...
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Success Story: Tucker County Animal Shelter

Thelma (first photo) is 16. This gentle, kind kitty came to us after being involved in a hoarding situation. Her owner passed away and she was sent to live with her owner’s sister before she was surrendered. She was stressed at the shelter, but loves her purple Kong toy. She loves to carry ...
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Success Story: Heart of Idaho Animal Sanctuary

Scotty (first three photos) and Hansen (photos 4 through 7) were brought to us by a rescue group from Utah, where they were due to be euthanized the next day. Scotty is about 6 years old and probably no longer up to herding cattle full-time. He is a gentle dog who loves people and has decided his...
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Success Story: Humane Society for Animals, Inc.

Nanna is such a sweet-natured girl and a family is very interested in her. They have been to the shelter four times to visit her. The family is struggling right now (their son has two broken arms), but they hope to be able to take Nanna into their home soon. Read More >

Success Story: Outcast Rescue

Marshall was just a 6-week-old pup when his owner surrendered him to the SPCA with a severely swollen leg that had been left untreated. Marshall’s leg was shattered, requiring emergency surgery to remove it. Because he had been an “only child” and was taken away from his mom too...
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