Petfinder Foundation News

Success Story: Long Beach Humane Society

Puddles came to us as an adorable little kitten and got adopted. Shortly after his adoption, we learned that Puddles had fallen out of a second-story screened window.

Out of our minds with worry, we rushed to look for him. We hung flyers and put traps out, talking to anyone who would liste...
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Success Story: Ohio Alleycat Resource and Spay/Neuter Clinic

Busy was a pretty girl brought in from an open-admission shelter in Ashland, KY, 2 1/2 hours from Ohio Alleycat, during the COVID-19 crisis. Their shelter had been ordered closed.

Busy was about 18 months old and had been returned to that shelter due to litter-box issues. After a short tim...
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Success Story: YouCanMakeADifference, Inc.

Eight puppies were thrown into a pasture. YCMAD received a call indicating these puppies’ situation. Upon arrival, we found they were only about 7 weeks old, were being attacked by ants, and were flea-infested. They were brought to the shelter, bathed, and evaluated. It was determined that ...
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Success Story: Furever Bully Love Rescue

Snoopy was able to get his surgery and was adopted shortly after. He is in a wonderful home and has healed beautifully.

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Success Story: FOCHP

This is Scotty and Saylor; they are a bonded pair. Scotty the Yorkie is about 15 years old and he is deaf. He is super easy and likes to sleep quite a bit. Saylor is adorable; she is the shih tzu and she is about 9 years old. The owner was moving and unable to take with her. They have been adopte...
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