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Success Story: White River Humane Society

One specific story is about Reddie. She has been at our shelter for three years. During this time, we wanted to keep our stress levels down for our animals and make sure they had the care they needed. Reddie is one of many special faces that was still able to get a full bowl of food, monthly hear...
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Success Story: Animal Rescue Force, Inc.

Comet and Tony (first photo) were two very shy cats and bonded. They were adopted together by a very patient family who confined them for two months before the cats finally came out of their shell, warmed up to the family and now have the run of the house.

Foxy (second photo) was an 11-yea...
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Success Story: Whitman County Humane Society

In early January, a dog named Pippin was surrendered to our shelter. We knew he was an anxious guy, but we never anticipated how difficult his shelter stay would be for him. We saw a young border collie with happy eyes on day one, and that quickly changed. He absolutely shut down in the shelter. ...
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Success Story: Animal Rescue of the Rockies

Fang is a handsome white-and-buff tabby who came to us from another rescue that couldn’t keep him any longer. He was going to be euthanized and they reached out to us to take him. He is a very friendly and outgoing cat. We gave him our basic veterinary care, including a neuter, worming, mic...
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Success Story: To The Rescue, Inc.

This grant was a great help to a set of mom and litter of kittens who were sick with fleas, worms, and a horrible upper-respiratory infection. The mom and kittens are now healthy and were all adopted. The mom was even a foster fail!

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