Petfinder Foundation News

Success Story: Saugerties Animal Shelter

Buddy (first three photos) is a Manchester terrier who came to our shelter incredibly overweight. He was depressed and hardly able to move. In our care, Buddy has not only been put on a diet, he is also getting some much-needed exercise. It was not long after Buddy’s arrival that we discovered ...
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Success Story: Companion Animal Rescue and Education

Kitka (first photo) arrived at our facility some time ago. She is a super-active and very young Rottweiler. With her strength and energy as well as her anxiety, she rapidly destroyed most of the items she was provided for enrichment, and she did so at such a speed that the items rarely performed ...
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Success Story: Bay Area Pet Adoptions

Odin is just one of the 36 animals whom the Petfinder Foundation Disaster Grant significantly helped.

Odin was an 11-year-old shepherd mix who arrived at our shelter with weakness and pain in his back end, significant hair loss, open sores, and severely itchy skin, in addition to being cak...
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Success Story: Safe Haven Cat Sanctuary

Due to her age (19) and medical conditions, Bobbi (first photo) is a permanent resident of the Sanctuary and confined to a private suite within the shelter. She has been a resident here for the past 2 1/2 years and was rescued after spending her life living on the streets.

Bobbi sought re...
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Success Story: Phoenix Landing Foundation

When Zoe, an African Grey parrot, entered Phoenix Landing’s adoption program, it was quickly determined that she not only had feather-destructive behavior, but she also mutilated (chewed at her skin). After a few veterinary exams, Dr. Aubrey Traina recommended a CT scan to determine whether an ...
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