Petfinder Foundation News

Success Story: Speak St. Louis

We were asked to help Greta because she was deaf and because no one else would help. Dogs with special needs are not easily adoptable.
On the day of transport, we learned that Greta sometimes falls over because she was dropped as a puppy. As soon as we met her, we learned there has to be mu...
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Success Story: Animal VillageNM

Finn is our house-lion mascot, a lovely longhaired senior who is a total movie star-looking lap cat. But twice, after years in each home, he was left behind at [open-intake] facilities when his military adopters received Permanent Change of Station (PCS) orders. We have now re-rescued Finn twice...
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Success Story: Tennessee Humane Animal League / Pet Placement Center

Frida Pawhlo (first and second photos) is an Australian cattle dog/blue heeler mix who is also deaf. She has done really well with learning some sign language, and being treat-motivated really helps with this training. She absolutely loved her Kong! She already has an approved adopter with a sche...
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Success Story: Nuzzles & Co.

One of our long-term cats, Tumeric (first photo), is a sweet boy who enjoys affection from humans (on his own terms). He was very overstimulated and stressed when he arrived at Nuzzles & Co., making him more challenging to handle. His behavior turned around when he got the chance to relax an...
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Success Story: Jacksonville Humane Society

The Petfinder Foundation grant saved Hercules’ life. Hercules was a very misunderstood dog. At 4 years old and 72 lbs., this big boy was seen as a threat. Despite his love of belly rubs and penchant for giving sloppy kisses, he would bark, snap and lunge at humans who tried to handle him. I...
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