Petfinder Foundation News

Success Story: Friends of Companion Animals

We have some very shy cats, Gabby (first photo) and Gessica (second photo), who really came out of their shell once we were able to let them roam outside of the cages in the new enclosure thanks to the Petfinder Foundation. For 10 months, they’d been confined to their kennels, but this allo...
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Success Story: Louisa Humane Society

Olive, an 8-month-old great Pyrenees puppy, was the dog who received this grant for her surgery. She was an owner-surrender to our local animal shelter, and we quickly transferred her into our care. She was surrendered because the owner could not afford the vet costs to amputate her front leg. Ol...
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Success Story: Gateway 4 Paws

Goldie was a very hyper and destructive cavapoo. She was given a Kong Classic with peanut butter inside and all her spare time was spent working on that toy. She became more focused on it than on destroying items in the home. She was adopted.

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Success Story: Pibbles and More Animal Rescue

Clarabella (first photo) came to us from Animal Care Centers of NYC. She had a fractured femur upon intake at the shelter and, when we sent her to our surgeon in Brooklyn, it was determined that she needed to have her leg amputated. Due to her amputation, she was on crate rest while she healed an...
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Success Story: Kibblez of Love

Enrichment plays a very important role at our rescue with the homeless dogs. Hunter (first photos) and Ghost (second photo) are still looking for their forever homes and have pretty high anxiety, so the stuffed Kongs help them take their minds off of their stress by giving them a treat filled wit...
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