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Success Story: Humane Society Of Henderson Co

Hi, my name is Diesel! I’m a sweet guy who has had a really rough start to life. I survived parvo as a puppy and I sometimes guard my good around other dogs. However, I arrived at the shelter severely dehydrated and emaciated, so my resource-guarding is due to my history of starvation rathe...
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Success Story: Good Karma Pet Rescue

One of our long-term residents, Airabelle, has been at the PAC for nine months waiting for her forever home, and we can happily report she was finally adopted in November! She is an active pittie mix for whom we were unable to find a foster home, so we are so grateful that we have the PAC in whic...
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Success Story: Against All Odds Cat Rescue

Coda and Mervin are two of our very sweet and awesome cats. They came from outdoor situations and honestly didn’t know how to play with cat toys! Their foster home has been working with them, and having all these fun new Kong catnip toys really got their attention — they absolutely lo...
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Success Story: Lost Dog & Cat Rescue Foundation

Our adorable pittie mix, Robbie (first three photos), is a bundle of energy and charisma. Our Care Pathways team is currently working with him on some training and commands: In the photo attached, you’ll see Robbie and trainer utilizing the P.L.A.Y. Chill Pad to learn “place” an...
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Success Story: Fur Fun Rescue

This fall, our rescue got an urgent call from an advanced-care pet hospital. Leo, who had been brought in to the hospital by his owner, had just been run over by a car. Not only did he have one broken bone, he actually had FIVE broken bones!

Leo was facing the need for immediate, multiple ...
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