Petfinder Foundation News

Success Story: Brown County Humane Society

Blue (first photo) was found wandering around a rural part of the county. Neighbors had been seeing him for several days, but no one recognized him. Upon arrival at the shelter, he was terribly underweight, his coat was in bad shape, and he had a horrendous ear infection, so bad that he would yel...
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Success Story: Love-A-Bull, Inc.

We save the hard-to-save dogs and puppies from the euthanasia lists at rural or overcrowded shelters. Because we receive animals from shelters without any medical care services, we usually must provide the vaccinations, basic medical care, and then all of the supplies to our foster parents, which...
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Success Story: Animal Rescue of Tracy

Zephyr has not been adopted yet. She is still being socialized with her foster, as she came from the streets and is not used to being cared for as an indoor cat — although as a tripod, she can’t return to her previous life; it would not be safe for her. We are sure that, in time, she ...
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Success Story: SPCA of Winchester, Frederick, and Clarke

Xena was brought to the Winchester SPCA in August of 2020. A local resident rescued her from an online site. She presented with superficial injuries the vet determined could have been due to fighting.

Xena’s wounds healed and she was vaccinated, spayed, and microchipped. A BARC beha...
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Success Story: Straight Outta Rescue Society

Nova joined our care in March 2021. Due to a breakup between her humans, she ended up in our care, as they were no longer able to dedicate the time she needed to be the best gal that she could be. She had an ongoing issue with her back end and an x-ray done during her intake assessment confirmed ...
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